Experience Live Home Edition takes the amazing sound of our cinema systems into your home.  With high build quality and top of the line loudspeakers they reproduce your media with minimal colorization and incredible dynamics. Constructed as line sources, the nearfield extension is exceptional and the SPL is much more consistent over distance. The clarity and details in the sound field is lifelike, and a dream to enjoy. 

Home cinema soundsystem that both sounds and looks amazing.

They can be delivered with different solid wood cabinets or with high resistant black paint. If you prefer to have them next to you screen or behind it.
Experience Live EL-312HE Experience Live EL-312HE
Home Edition EL-945HE Home Edition EL-945HE
Home Edition EL-165HE Home Edition EL-165HE
ProLineX EL-FR46X ProLineX EL-FR46X
ProLineX EL-SU88X ProLineX EL-SU88X
ProLineX EL-S81X ProLineX EL-S81X