The line source is far more accurate in sound reproduction than conversional point source systems. The use of multiple drivers in both high and mid frequencies gives you a very dynamic sound and amazing sonic clarity. The distortion is very low and you´l get a sound that is true to the original sound mix.You can even feel the movies. It becomes a natural part of the movie and delivers the feeling that you are actually there. It sounds Live.



The Experience Live screen channel speaker is so powerful that you don´t need a subwoofer. The sub signal is reproduced by the EL front speakers. The EL 2218 is more powerful than most separate subwoofers on the market. The virtual Powersub is the only way to a unified, clear, punchy bass response, that comes with digital sound.



Most auditoriums has a distance between the screen and back row that exceeds 15 meters ( 49ft ). The sound from screen channel speakers and surround speakers reaches audience at different times with significant variations in sound pressure. The problem gets greater further back in the auditorium you are seated.

With Experience True Surround (ETS) the audience gets perfect surround without time errors and a even volume wherever they are.

Uncompressed digital audio sets new demands on surround speakers performance. To be able to get the sound editors creation to the audience and maximize the experience, ETS is a must.